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EdTech Global is an Educational Technology Platform and Innovation Marketplace. EdTech Global is transforming Education through inclusion of Educational Technology, AR/VR, Project Based Learning and Science Labs, with more focus on social & professional skills development to create an innovative & entrepreneurial mindset to let the students cope with industry 4.0 which is emerging with the fourth industrial wave. We have a team of Global Education/Innovation experts from around the world especially from Europe & US region.

EdTech Global believes that Future is unpredictable because the World is changing every nanosecond. According to a report released by an Australian Science Agency CSIRO, “The future won’t be about the people competing with machines, it will be about the people using machines and doing work that is more interesting and fulfilling”. Our young generation can not cope with industry 4.0 with just ” traditional learning approach i.e. reading, writing and cramming” until they learn 21st Century Skills and other hard & soft skills. EdTech Global’s mission is to transform Education. So that young generation can learn real professional and life skills anywhere in the world.

Be sure that sooner or later, Leadership, Entrepreneurial and Skill based Education Model will lead the Education Industry. Educational Institutes can not survive in the global education market until they upgrade themselves as per 21st Century needs.