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Good Schools Vs Bad Schools

Good Schools Vs Bad Schools

There are good schools and there are bad schools. There are good students and there are bad students or average students. What makes some learning place good or bad? What makes learners good or bad?

Let’s be honest and think, Does there such thing exist like a good or bad student? If yes, what are the parameters that label them good or bad?
Now, have a look at it from a different angle. Do you have good or bad learners in your home? How do you judge them? We the guardians, teachers, academicians can be good or bad in justifying our responsibility but how come a learner can be labeled as good or bad.

If we see the way we educate, we find that learners are normally segregated by their ages, then they are put in a classroom where we lecture them on certain topics. Then they are checked on how much they could retain or they could possibly memorize. Of course, They are of different talents. One might not be good in memorization but the same student can be exceptionally well in practical areas.

This is our failure that we are unable to modernize the way we educate. The modern time requires the educational institutions to be teaching with modern skills. Such as; Self-development skills involve self-reflection and understanding, taking responsibility for decisions, stress management, adaptability, critical thinking and goal setting. Skills involving teamwork, communication and listening, empathizing, compromising, and conflict resolution are classified as life skills.
Look at your child curriculum and see if that promises any such learning, and if not, then why they are going to schools at all.

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Written by Zeeshan Rehman

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