is the door to the new world of learning. It aims to revolutionize the learning process through its unique approach and in-depth explanation of each concept taught in books. Orbit, presents 3D visualizations of the concepts, taught to students, in real world.


EDXLink is an Artificial Intelligence based online platform for Matric & Intermediate students that assist students in identifying the weakness and provide suggestion based on their weakness. At the same time EDXLink aim to break the norms of expensive education throughout Pakistan and introduce society with a quality and affordable education rates. Here at EDXLink we want every child to study and get An A+ in Life.


Offer short courses for school and university students who are interested in learning how to develop technology


we are changing the way we teach in classrooms. We are assisting teachers and students with the help of 3D and 2D Animations to explain complex topics easily and visually


Using the day-to-day activity data of multiple schools, OSUM provides amazing analytics on education trends for schools in a region

We Makers

We Makers is about enabling kids to learn about 3D Printing, robotics and more and become Makers.


We help students to learn and create an exceptional career for their future.


At e-Magine we conduct customized trainings and workshops for individuals of all ages to equip them with the skills that will prove to be a major asset regardless of the industry in which they belong.


Unidesk is a career counseling platform for students. We aim to help those students who struggle in making career choices according to their aptitude, interest and job market realities.